Retaining talents - Hard to hear, but easy to do

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Retaining talents - Hard to hear, but easy to do

As an employer, you are probably the one who best understands the enormous loss a company has to suffer when a talent leaves. In addition, the journey of finding and training an employee to compensate for a defect is also costly and time-consuming. Therefore, retaining talented people is always a big problem for every enterprise. But this task will be a lot easier if you keep the following tips in mind.

1. Always respect your associates.

This is one of the decisive factors in your "war of talent". When you deal with your employees in a professional and sincere manner, they will be more motivated to contribute more to the job. Moreover, this is also how you build the image of "exemplary manager" in the hearts of your subordinates.

If employees do not feel respected when working, no matter how much they like the job or how high the salary is, they cannot retain them. Worse, some people will even try to "retaliate" the company if they are forced to leave because of some insult.

2. Be a boss with high EQ.

To improve the "loyalty" of employees to the business, the manager "has heart" is also an important factor.

There will be no "talent" who is interested in working under an authoritarian, unsophisticated "boss". If the manager only focuses on business results and then ignores the issues of corporate culture, sooner or later, the situation of employees will go out at the same time. Because they no longer see that they are "being worked on" and the harmony in the office no longer exists.

3. Listening and understanding

“When you speak, you merely repeat what you know. When you listen, maybe you will learn many things that you have never experienced. "

As a manager, you have the opportunity to stand on top and have a broad view. So your decisions are largely global. But have you ever thought that the small details also play an important role? Only by listening to your executor's wishes can you come up with “small but important” details. The fact that you sit down and listen to the ideas of your subordinates will motivate them to work and of course will increase the connection between them and the company.

4. Suggest a worthy remuneration.

This is a factor that certainly no manager can ignore. In a sense, salary is a key factor for an employee to decide to come and join the business.

So, carefully consider the salary that you can pay your associates. Pay "worthy" salary for their effort, do not be too low for them to feel exploited, nor too high to cause unnecessary falsehoods. In addition, please have bonuses to promptly encourage the efforts of your subordinates.

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