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I. Consular legalization - Consular certification

The consular legalization, consular certification is only the certification of the seal, signature and title on papers and documents, does not imply a certification of the content and form of the paper or document.

Why must documents be legalized or certified ?

Foreign papers and documents to be recognized and legally used in Vietnam are required to be certified by an authorized agency in Vietnam regarding their seal, signature and title on such papers and documents. This process is called consular legalization.

Similarly, consular certification means that the seal, signature and title on Vietnamese papers and documents are certified by an authorized agency in Vietnam for such papers and documents to be recognized and used abroad.

II. Visa extension

Visa extension means that a foreigner who wants to continue to stay in Vietnam to travel, visit relatives and work while currently residing in Vietnam with a Vietnamese visa, needs to apply for visa extension when the visa is reaching its expiration.

Visa extension is the extension of the old visa, following the period of visa validity in Vietnam indicated on the old visa. Visa extension is valid for 1 to 3 months and can be extended for many times.

III. Notarized translation

Translation helps to bridge the language gap, people can understand many different languages ​​simply and quickly through writing without having to meet or exchange words.

CK VINA offers translation services:

  • Translations for  multidisciplinary, multi-carrier, multi-languages.
  • Translate many common languages ​​such as English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean,… To difficult languages ​​such as Danish, Finnish, Polish, Czech, Indonesian,...
  • Interpretation for (training, event, tourist, ...) all languages.

IV. Work permit

Work permit is a type of permit that proves and allows foreigners to work legally in Vietnam. The information shown in the Work permit is transparent with full information about the employee such as: name of the organization who employs, address, position, title, professional level, term of work permit…. Work permits are valid for up to 2 years and can be reissued or renewed.

Thus, when there is any change of information that is being shown on the Work permit such as guarantor, job position, ..., the foreign worker has the responsibility to work the renewal procedure.

How Work permit benefits foreigner:

  • Helping to stay in Vietnam for 2 years. After 2 years, foreign workers have Work permits extended with the same maximum duration, but it does not include passport replacement.
  • To enjoy the benefits of the period of stay, a foreigner must apply for a temporary residence card, only a temporary residence card can act in place of a visa each time they enter or exit Vietnam.
  • Legally, Work permit is a tool to protect foreigners when they work in Vietnam. In other words, the labor contract will govern and protect the interests of workers.

V. Residence for foreigners

Support the lives of foreigners around the world who wish to come to Vietnam to live and work  more conveniently and safely.


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