Recruitment Service

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Recruitment Service

Human resources are considered the most important resource of the business, but in the competitive environment of human resources today, to attract the right personnel and quickly to meet the needs of production and business. This is a huge pressure for businesses. Therefore, the recruitment of personnel thanks to the support of an external recruitment agency has become a very effective solution for businesses.

With CK VINA 's recruitment service, customers will find suitable personnel in the shortest time, customers will be directly interviewed and selected candidates, customers only have to pay when recruiting suitable personnel. well suited.

CK VINA 's recruitment service is considered to be the best quality in Vietnam, with a team of over 30 recruiting specialists and with a large database of candidates operated under a modern recruitment process that will meet the staff. most relevant and fastest for your business.

Every month, we successfully recruit more than 300 employees for more than 50 customers in different fields of Manufacturing / Sales / Trading Services.

Using CK VINA's recruitment service, you will have the following benefits:

  • Recruiting the right personnel: Our recruitment specialists will analyze the job position and recruitment requirements of the business, then advise the business to choose the right person for the position, We use the form Modern recruitment to evaluate capabilities, skills, qualities, attitudes to find the most suitable person for your business.
  • Fastest recruitment: With a team of experienced recruiting specialists and a large source of candidate data. We provide the fastest recruitment service in the market with a recruitment time of only 10 working days, specific positions up to 20 days.
  • Competitive recruitment service fee: For customers to access Recruitment service and balance efficiency and cost, we give customers the experience of quality Recruitment service with the most competitive cost in the market. (The recruitment cost will depend on the candidate's rank and scarcity in the market). After receiving the request of the customer,  CK VINA's consultant will send the customer a specific quotation for each vacancy.

For customers who recruit large numbers, we will have a preferential discount policy for customers according to the policy of CK VINA

  • Long-term warranty after recruitment: With our professional and rigorous recruitment process, it ensures that employers will find the right staff and limit the rate of resignation. But for whatever reason leads to our staff's resignation, we will provide customers with a warranty of up to 2 months.
  • Recruit all positions according to the requirements of customers: We both provide high-level recruitment services and mass recruitment (mass recruitment of all positions) for all professions required by customer.

CK VINA's recruitment process

  1. Employers contact us for advice on recruitment services (Headhunting)
  2. Our recruitment consultant will advise services for Employers and send quotes / recruitment contracts
  3. Employer provides recruitment information to us (job description, salary and benefits policy of the position).
  4. Our recruitment consultant will advise clients on job description development, determine recruitment requirements and formulate a salary policy for the position (if necessary).
  5. After the contract is signed, we will use the database and recruitment channels, and deploy recruitment activities. Candidate's profile will be sent to the Employer after being pre-interviewed by the CK VINA Recruiter to ensure that the candidate meets the company's recruitment criteria.
  6. After the candidate passes our prequalification round, the candidate will be transferred to the Recruiter for direct interview with the support of CK VINA 's recruitment consultant team.
  7. After the interview is finished, the Employer conducts the evaluation and selection of candidates, the interview results are notified to us by the Employer within 2 working days. CK VINA  will send a job invitation letter to the candidate at the request of the Employer.
  8. After the candidate accepts the job, we will send the Employer to request payment of the service fee, the Employer will pay CK VINA within 10 days from the date the candidate accepts the job.
  9. During the warranty period we are responsible for recruiting free replacement for candidates who voluntarily quit their jobs or Employers quit for any reason.
  10. The recruitment process continues until the Employer employs the required staff.
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