Labor legalization

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Labor legalization

Dynamic loudspeaker validation service includes the following duties:

  • Signing a labor contract with an employee
  • Manage, update and maintain employee database and records
  • Check time and reward with partner companies
  • Salary calculation, general payroll
  • Salary transfer to employees
  • Answer salary & policy questions
  • Make salary reports as required
  • Complete the procedures with the authorities
  • Complete legal procedures related to social insurance (declare and request payment for insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance)
  • Making periodic personnel reports at the request of the authorities
  • Implementation of tax procedures including personal income tax (employee's tax code, tax report ...)
  • Personal income tax calculation for employees
  • Manage withholding personal income tax (PIT) for employees at enterprises and make PIT finalization at the end of the year
  • Structure and management of annual employee benefits, medical benefits, bonuses

Benefits of using the labor legalization service of CK VINA:

  • Legal: Helping you to comply with the regulations of the labor law.
  • Convenience: Make your HR management activities flexible and professional.
  • Economy: Reduces your fixed costs for employees and converts them into value-added taxable expenses.
  • Exactly: done by a professional C&B team and strict control and calculation procedures.
  • Confidentiality: We absolutely guarantee confidentiality.
  • Difference: Support business consulting to develop salary regulations and remuneration policies
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