Salary management

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Salary management

Using Payroll Service is a smart choice for businesses that want to save costs and improve efficiency / professionalism in payroll and welfare. We will replace Salary Management businesses to give you more time to focus on your key functions.

With the legal system of law and complex administrative procedures in Vietnam, especially in the working environment, most businesses are facing many difficulties in this issue, so using Using outsourced salary management services is a smart choice.

CK VINA's payroll service, with a team of Experts in the Labor and Salary industry and a team of professionals who are professionally trained with the modern payroll and human resource management software system will help guests. Effective and highly secure Salary Management.

We will consult and manage the entire payroll process for your company with the following jobs:

  • Manage personnel data, track signing labor contracts, control types of leave.
  • Attendance, Compile monthly salary calculation (time salary, product salary, flat salary)
  • Prepare salary expense reports according to client's management requirements
  • Send pay stubs to employees and answer salary inquiries and other related matters
  • Report / finalize Personal Income tax, register a PIT code for employees, register dependents
  • Implementation of procedures for increasing / decreasing insurance, closing books, making health insurance cards, preparing dossiers to settle insurance benefits for employees
  • Track and make deductions for paying compulsory insurance premiums to the insurance agency
  • Making periodic labor reports to state agencies
  • Applying for work permits and other related matters for foreign workers and directors

Customers using our Salary management services are consulted free of charge by experts on laws related to wage labor, compulsory insurance, personal income tax.

Benefits of using CK VINA's payroll service

Below are the reasons why businesses use the outsourcing salary management service of CK VINA

  • Reducing Costs: Large businesses can afford to manage large-scale payroll systems, but for small businesses, internal wage payments will be an issue. If your business has fewer than 50 employees, there's an opportunity for you to save money by hiring an outside payroll management service. Try doing a calculation, how many hours of the day your employees do on salary-related tasks, the space you dedicate in the office to sort them out, and, importantly, the cost for them. the office equipment that you have to equip the employee, and figure out how much money you will pay and how much money you will spend on outsourcing. Also, make sure the money your business spends on printing, transferring checks, creating tax documents ... You will probably be surprised by that.
  • Increasing Labor Productivity: Wage management is a time consuming activity. By removing this burden, your employees can focus on their main job, and you can even reduce the size of the staff in your business.
  • Increase Accuracy: Mistakes in salary calculation can have consequences, affecting the reputation of the Company. We use state of the art software operated by highly trained specialists to avoid errors. Furthermore, if the service provider makes a mistake, it is still possible for the business to recover financial compensation from the provider, something that the business cannot do with its employees.
  • Fast speed: Since the payroll providers are the experts with the technical resources, they can handle the most complex cases at the fastest speed. Unlike most firms, they can also provide a large workforce of seasonal work without requiring a new system while maintaining operations for the remainder of the year.
  • Liability: If payment is delayed or the paperwork is mishandled, the responsibility of the service provider must be taken care of. If the carrier is unable (or will not) fix the situation and please you, you can sue them completely. You can even immediately select another supplier, even if you are still under contract with the old supplier. If fired, recruited and trained a team of staff specializing in their salary, it will take at least a few weeks or more.
  • High security: On the basis of modern technology and software of CK VINA along with professional operating procedures, it is possible to detect and warn customers about fraud in salary calculation, ensuring the security of salaries for customers.
  • No More Worrying: It can be said that using outsourced payroll services will give managers and business owners more peace of mind. No headaches, no hassles and absolutely time to focus on making a profit for your business.
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