Labor outsourcing

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Labor outsourcing

CK VINA specializes in providing quality labor (outsourcing) in Vietnam. We supply large quantity of labor, each month can supply more than 5000 employees in all industrial zones and provinces nationwide, with a team of workers selected to suit the requirements of customers. Basic training and training will help businesses have abundant labor force for production and business activities.

With CK VINA's Labor Hire service, we are responsible for providing labor at the request of customers, signing contracts with employees, training on rules and regulations as required. employees, manage employees, carry out the committed calculation and remuneration of employees, carry out the responsibilities / procedures for compulsory insurance and Personal Income tax in accordance with the law, periodic health checks, management of labor records, implementation of labor reports and take responsibility for labor before law.



CK VINA specializes in providing bulk labor in the following fields:

  • Provide unskilled labor / Short-term and long-term labor in all industries: Electronic parts processing / assembly, Packaging, Plastic, Food processing, Medical, Thick skin , Garment, Woodworking, Mechanical, Logistic, Warehouse, and other business and production professions.

Customers wishing to hire other positions, please contact CK VINA

The service difference of CK VINA with other providers:

  • Provide fast labor and respond to a large number of customers' requests: each month provide from 500 - 1000 employees / company
  • CK VINA's workforce is selected to meet the work requirements of customers, stable labor / high productivity,
  • CK VINA's operating process is professional and efficient.

Benefits and Benefits of customers when using CK VINA's labor leasing service

  • Proactive human resources and Flexibility: Customers will be proactive in using labor, increase / decrease labor according to the production and business situation of the Company, request CK VINA to replace employees. ineffective work.
  • Avoiding labor risks: Customers are entitled to request a change of labor and fire improper employees or violate the Company's rules without being subject to compensation or legal risks.
  • Efficiency and reducing costs: Enterprises will not waste time and costs on recruiting and administering administrative procedures of labor CK VINA will do it on behalf of customers, thereby helping customers. focus on the core work of production and business, increasing efficiency and benefits for customers
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