The six types of people companies never want to hire

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The six types of people companies never want to hire

Recruiting the right people is one of the biggest challenges facing many companies and businesses today. This not only costs money and time but also makes it difficult to find people with good qualities and high capacities. If you are an employer, there are some bad personality traits of the candidate that you can immediately take out of the "parking ring".

1. Frantic work non-stop

A person who works hard can motivate to solve difficult jobs in the company. People also often think that they are competitive. In fact, it would be great to have serious, hard-working employees, but if they were insanely involved, it could hurt the corporate culture.

They may separate from other employees, or create a culture of negative competition that is not conducive to cooperation. Excessive work intensity can cause them to make decisions that easily put the company at risk. In addition, frenetic workers often prioritize winning or earning personal money, over company goals and interests.

2. Apply for the wrong reason

Motivation for a job is more important than you think. There are people who apply to sell because they want to make a lot of money - this is not true to the purpose and needs of the company, but the employer can accept it, because it does not negatively affect the effectiveness of the company. job. However, there are people who apply for a job somewhere just to beautify their CV (profile). And at this point, you need to consider carefully if you are a smart employer.

Motivation is very important, because for those who want to be productive and aggressive, they often need strong inner motivation. But using external factors as motivators can easily change jobs when the situation is not satisfactory.

3. Queen of thi phi

There are people who are ready to create visions wherever they go. They are often curious to know everything, take part in the personal lives of friends and co-workers, and constantly seek attention. They dig into trivial matters and sometimes cause friction between coworkers and coworkers. They also do not often focus on the work they are doing.

This lack of focus can bring others down, and their attention to non-visual problems can directly affect the real problems of the company.

4. People who like to blame

These people are often difficult to spot during recruitment interviews. You can ask them about problems in their past jobs to determine if they are someone who likes to blame.

People like to blame "poison" at work because they are never responsible. These people often do not perform the work themselves because they are afraid of being held accountable if something goes wrong. Instead, they always have someone to blame if needed. Such people also do not like to give feedback to improve their work. They blame other shortcomings instead of recognizing their own flaws and working to improve them.

In fact, blaming is the reaction we sometimes get, but someone who is always in that state is clearly not a good employee.

5. Lack of critical thinking

A potential candidate may be a kind and sociable person, but without critical thinking skills, he or she will lose points immediately. Today, to be successful in any job, critical thinking is one of the most important skills.

As machines become smarter and more automated, one of the biggest distinguishing factors between humans is their critical thinking ability. Hiring people who cannot make their own decisions will cost the company time and energy to provide guidance, and may even distract others.

6. Selfish people

Selfish people cannot be effective employees. They think about themselves before they think of their company and colleagues. A selfish person can put your company at a disadvantage, because in certain situations he is willing to choose opportunities for himself and leave the company at risk.

When hiring, try to ask questions around how candidates feel when they've just completed a large project. What do they do to celebrate? If it was a solo personal plan then it was more than likely a selfish person.

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